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Norval Sovereign African Art Prize

2024 Nominators

Bruno Leitao | Angola
Paula Nascimento | Angola
Eva Maria Ocherbauer | Austria
Sandrine Colard-de Bock | Belgium
Stephan Köhler | Benin
Janine Gaelle Dieudji | Cameroon 
Patrick Mudekereza | Democratic Republic of Congo
Moataz Nasreldin | Egypt
Meskerem Assegued | Ethiopa
Anissa Touati | France
Virginia Quadojovie | France
Alya Sebti | Germany
Adwoa Amoah | Ghana
Ato Annan | Ghana
Joseph Awuah-Darko | Ghana
Serge Tiroche | Israel
Dagmawi Yimer | Italy
Lucrezia Cippitelli | Italy
Neri Torcello | Italy

Ayako Bertolli | Kenya

Frank Whalley | Kenya

Thom Ogonga | Kenya
Emmanuel Berard | Madagascar
Hasnaine Yavar | Madagascar
Margaux Huille | Madagascar
Lassana Igo Diarra | Mali
Mamou Daffé | Mali
Abdellah Karroum | Morocco
Estelle Guilié | Morocco
Laila Hida | Morocco
Olivier Rachet | Morocco 
Syham Weigant | Morocco
Peju Leyiwola | Nigeria
Fatima Bintou Rassoul | Senegal
Malick Ndiaye El Hadji | Senegal
Olivia Marsaud | Senegal
Sylvain Sankale | Senegal
Andrea Lewis | South Africa
Asma Diakité | South Africa

Brett Scott | South Africa

Cathy Abraham | South Africa

Fiona Rankin-Smith | South Africa

Heidi Erdmann Rasch | South Africa

Lara Koseff | South Africa
Lucienne Bestall | South Africa
Paul Bayliss | South Africa
Stephan Hundt | South Africa
Thabang Monoa | South Africa
Michèle Sandoz | Switzerland
Lilian Hipolyte | Tanzania
Sonia Lawson | Togo
Camille Lévy Sarfati | Tunisia
Martha Kazungu | Uganda
Howard Bilton | United Kingdom
Jenifer Golley | United Kingdom
Kami Gahiga | United Kingdom
Robert Devereaux | United Kingdom
Remi Onabanjo | United States of America
Richard Mudariki | Zimbabwe


The Norval Sovereign African Art Prize aims to benefit artists living in Africa or of the African diaspora by increasing their international exposure, whilst raising funds for arts education programmes on the continent

"[The Norval Sovereign African Art Prize] is the only prize of its kind on the Continent wholly focused and dedicated to encouraging and supporting artists at an important juncture at their career. By supporting mid-career artists, the Prize allows for the shortlisted and winning artists to gain exposure in a manner that grants their work to be introduced to a wider public, and for the winning artist to have a solo show in an established museum space. In addition, it is a prize tailored to the needs of the art ecosystem on the Continent with the intention of supporting and helping it grow."

Heba El Kayal

Curatorial Consultant

"The Sovereign Art Foundation has been running art prizes in Asia, Europe and the Middle East since 2003. In this time, we have showcased some of the greatest artists working in those regions and have made some amazing discoveries, whilst raising over US$9M to assist disadvantaged children using the therapeutic benefits of art. Since our first initiative in Africa in 2012, we have sought to establish a significant art prize for Africa and its diaspora, where some of the most exciting and innovative art is currently being produced. In joining our expertise and experience together with that of the prestigious Norval Foundation, we are realising a long-held ambition to give these artists the recognition and platform they deserve, whilst raising substantial funds for arts education in Africa."

Howard Bilton


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